IELTS Training

IELTS or ‘International English Language Testing System’ is the international standardized test of English language. The test is taken to seek educational and job opportunities in English speaking countries.

As the saying goes, ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’, yes, of course, lack of knowledge with regard to the IELTS exam pattern and preparation can land you into your second attempt. And who wants to waste time!!

Via IELTS coaching, I ensure that the aspirants prepare and feel confident about all the four modules: Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening.

  • The updated modules will give you a transparency about your language caliber and how far you need to go!
  • Focus will be on speed, time management and accuracy, so that you hit the bull’s eye with every question attempted. This is especially relevant for the listening section, where the aspirant needs to attempt 40 questions out of the 4 recordings played just
  • The exam pattern is made familiar to the aspirant and requisite practice is provided with regard to the same so that you save a lot of time and feel confident during the final attempt.
  • Fluency in speaking is given utmost priority during the speaking module practice. A lot of emphasis and practice is given for the correct pronunciation, fluency and confidence building, so that you can easily sail through the pressure during the actual
    speaking test.
  • Writing section is yet another important segment of the IELTS exam that requires detailed writing with respect to chart, table, graph, diagram, letter, essay etc. This demands a thorough practice as the word limit has to be met and the content language should be appealing enough. A thorough and detailed practice of the same is done to meet the criteria, in the time. Also, this involves practice of sample tests.

So, don’t waste your time and hurry and register to achieve the bigger goals of your life!