What my students say about me?

Being a corporate consultant, I understand that communication skills in English is one of the most important skills that I should possess. So during my search for an educator, I got to know about Ms. Sumedha and I must say that she has the required experience and techniques to train working professionals. Learning with her is a great experience and fun.

Abhishek Thakur

Abhishek Thakur

Corporate Consultant, New Delhi
Sumedha ma’am is a good teacher. I really appreciate her style of teaching. She uses Innovative techniques that makes learning fun. Moreover, she is kind hearted and understanding too. I am glad I picked Spoken English skills from her.

Anu Yadav

UPSC Asiprant, UP
In my opinion, Sumedha ma’am is an excellent English trainer. She delivers the study material in a way that makes it very easy to understand and practice. In every class, she uses a creative style of teaching. I have learnt a lot in a very short span of time.

Mangesh Bharsakle

Software Engineer, Mumbai

Sumedha ma’am is a very good teacher. She is experienced and highly motivating. I have had a really wonderful experience of learning English from her.

Neeraj Bhargava

Govt. Employee, New Delhi
Sumedha ma’am has a wonderful and refreshing manner of teaching. She is supportive and patient and knows how to motivate her students. She is great at building confidence. Her sessions are fun-filled and engaging, through a variety of activities that improves conversation, writing and reading skills.

Anjana Agrawal

Homemaker, Orissa
You are such an amazing teacher who really motivated me to speak and think in English. I just want to say thank you for teaching and supporting me. In every class you are so persistent in taking me beyond satisfactory and striving for excellence in my voice and speech in a short span of time. You are very responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in teaching. You are very helpful and friendly. I can easily converse with you and ask for useful feedback any point of time. You are very attentive and engaging. Above all you are a very good tutor who allows me to enhance my thinking capabilities for this English speaking module. I wish you all the best and if I need any help in regards to English speech,You will be the first I contact. You are simply great at what you do.

Jayanta Ghosh

Businessman, Jharkhand
Sumedha ma’am is a marvellous teacher. She is friendly with her students. She teaches in a very unique and easy way. Her way of teaching and explaining is fantastic. She is a great teacher that I had never met before.

Vanshika Jindal

Student, UP
Sumedha is definitely so brilliant at her job as the trainer.. And for a bonus she has that understanding of different stages of learner’s mind.. she gives you that space to make mistakes which is very required but no so common in trainers. But this space is very important to make growth in anything in life & she definitely provides that. And she does make you feel comfortable with the gentle feeling of friends and Family kinda. Thank you so much Sumedha for everything!

Mohit Sharma

Studying Company Secretary (CS), Dehradun
I’m writing this review from the bottom of my heart. Sumedha ma’am has taught me Spoken English very well. When I joined the class, I was not even able to construct sentences, but post joining I can not just construct sentences, but can also communicate in English which seemed unimaginable in the past! It was an amazing experience learning from Sumedha ma’am. Thank you so much,ma’am.
Jyoti Kalse

Jyoti Kalse

Home maker, Mumbai
Great course and Sumedha ma’am is a very interactive teacher. Sumedha’s way of teaching is very good and understandable. I enjoyed and grasped the language through her course. Recommended!

Shayina Malik

Businesswoman, Hyderabad

If you want to learn English then Sumedha is your go to resource. With an immaculate hold over the language Sumedha will dazzle you every step of the way. This is one class that you don’t want to miss if you are looking to improve your English, creative writing skills, spoken English. Highly recommended!

Kush Sharma

Web Designer